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Supply Chain Management Association Alberta - New Member Application - Step 1/3

$440.00 Regular Member
$100.00 Retired Member
Please send an email notifying us of your retired status to - subject: Retired Membership
$440.00 Accreditation Candidate
Please note: You are required to submit your supporting documents to for review. Acceptance into the SCMP program is subject to completion of this application and the review. Once accepted you will then be sent a payment link. Thank you.
$0.00 Student Affiliate
Please note: This option is for Full-Time university/college students Only. Membership will not be processed until your application is approved. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email confirmation. Student affiliate is a non-voting member. SMT students must provide documentation indicating their full-time post-secondary student status. Thank you.
$220.00 Academic Affiliate
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